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Parsons FCU With You Anytime, Anywhere Closed Captioning

Narrator:  We understand your life is busy. Even if you draw up a plan for your day, little delays can turn your schedule into a mess. You need a financial institution that moves with you. With Parsons Federal Credit Union’s innovative online banking platform and mobile app, you can access a powerful suite of digital finance tools anytime, anywhere. Manage your finances without creating giant spreadsheets using our Money Management tool. View your accounts, loans, and retirement savings from different institutions all in one place, and track your spending over time. Even when you’re in line waiting to pay, you can quickly see your balances, make a transfer, and even pay your bills on your smart phone. Now that’s multi-tasking! Send some last minute birthday cash using the external transfer feature or split a dinner check easily with Popmoney. Use remote deposit capture to quickly deposit paystubs and birthday checks from grandma on your own time. Lost your debit card? Turn it off immediately from your computer or mobile device. If you find it later, just turn it back on from the same place. Thanks to facial and fingerprint recognition, you can sign into your accounts easily and securely. No matter where life’s journey takes you, Parsons Federal Credit Union is with you every step of the way to help you manage your finances on your schedule. Go to our website today to sign up for Online Banking and download our Mobile App from the App Store and Google Play.